Sunday, July 24, 2011

St. Louis Blues

Bricky, Bricky City,
Lawyers begetting Lawyers,
Police-issue pistol grip heels
Pump & Sway,
High-rise glinting the catenary curves
As Saarinen’s Gateway broaches the West.

Beleaguered at the frontier of your chair,
Pan-Am Blue,
I escalator,
Ratcheting in bumps,
Beautiful & bifurcated,

Plummy soft we polymer
Ashiver, Half-clad.
Can I pull the shades of your sudden cement-buckling sigh?
Can I trace the thudding plush halls of your heart,
While my own laps your thighs thickly,
Slow & full,
The Mississippi itself.



  1. well now...a little surreal and wonderful flow of the imagery...couple nice refs to the shoes in there..."i escalator", nice...laps your thighs, nice...

  2. ok, as i do with your poetry, i read and reread and this morning like a slap, i received. oh, the language, the play. to be read aloud for sure, for certain. i know nothing of poetic construct however i end with Mississpi, letting it wash hard against thickly. i get an especially sweet sting.

    you do know you're incredible, right?


  3. Thanks so much, erin (& Brian). I've just finished an online survey about online writers which felt skewed to make me out as a possible social leper/cuckoo cat lady. So it's nice to get positive comments. Thanks.

  4. leper cockoo is not a bad shtick you know...smiles. i think you did alright...