Saturday, July 30, 2011


Mesmerized by the lustrous glittering beads,
the sweat on your upper lip,
damselflies alight and rise again,
spiral in a haze,
haloing~~blue green grey.
You keep rowing.  
I'm handling diamond-backed snakes
and speaking in tongues to the sun.
You keep spitting out problems,
tricky equations.
Tell me Tell me Tell me
What’s the sum?

I’m trying to reach out, to get there.
Between incessant strokes,
I screw up my eyes to a blackboard,
but decimal points are fluid,
pages in a magazine, fragrant ink motes.

Backwards floating,
Catalpa brushes my neck
and I remember how to breathe
out loud.

Unlocked, your yellow pine wrists
and your green apple pulse twist
through me.  Your sorghum kiss
Drips into my heart
Which opens,



  1. surreal but in an incredible way...gorgeous many textures...this is right up my alley...loved it!

  2. Wow! Physics, maths, sexy surrealism this is great and like brian you are ticking all my favourite boxes...fantasimo

  3. The owl and the pussycat burn with envy!

  4. Smooth and sensuous but beneficially and tangily acidulated by the tinge of.. frustration? conflict? making resolution all the much more alluring--a price to be paid for everything. A fine poem.

  5. I’m handling diamond-back snakes
    And speaking in tongues to the sun.
    You keep spitting out problems,
    Tricky equations.
    Tell me Tell me Tell me:
    What’s the sum?

    Glossolalia meets the mathmatics of relationships, oh my. Great work!

  6. Miss Jane, I love it...your originality and unique style with this prompt is impressive. thanks for sharing!

  7. Fantastic trope, which doesn't fully reveal itself until the final stanza -- lover as the Rower, speaker / beloved as the Boat, both glissading toward an apple island where the voyage consummates. There's an Impressionist watercolor to its gliding surface, though the motion inside is (of course) much more complex, even darker. That it were so simple a drift. Exquisite work as always. - Brendan

  8. I greatly appreciate your bold imagery. The juxtaposition of right and left brain thinking, so poetically rendered, breathed through Nature's colors, is beautiful.

  9. is there a play there on snake handling? ;-)

    surreal and intriguing!

  10. perhaps this is a summer day dream during calculus class? Either way beautiful use of the english language.

  11. "speaking tongues to the sun" loved it.