Sunday, November 18, 2012

All at Once

The night air is close
               like jasmine tea,
petals pressed in leaves of musty books,
              wistful spun silk.

rise like a luminous,
              distant planet

And I blanket myself
over some falling
as you paint the night sky
on my face,
tracing ancient lace trails
with each soft breath;
A sonic gesture
            telling tales
                  of fealty and desire.

Circles into circles,
        a thin weave of skin
Small leaves
        Some drift of acanthus.

Slow rain drops
Green grey
               The wind.
Your hands press
               Against me,
Dropping my
              Stacked shoulders,
My solitude,
              all at once.


  1. The night surrounds and your solitude is dropped. How wonderful!

  2. A beautiful poem with awesome imagery. I loved this line: "...petals pressed in leaves of musty books..." Thanks for sharing. xo