Monday, November 14, 2011

The Bristlecone Pine Thrives

I have to thrill

at the sight

of your rose gold flats

beneath the Chiavari chair,

your warm scarf of silk orchids

and lilies draped there.

The gift of red orange

bittersweet vines

you twined in your hands

now wreath the lamp

and I wonder at the

soft rise of your breasts

above the white flowered

flow of your belly

beneath my hands 


the timeless give and take

 of your breath,

at rest.


  1. it reads like hands travelling a body slowly. i wonder about a space though - it stopped me twice and i think it might be unintentional (?) after wreathe and before the lamp. at first i thought i should pause but when i didn't, it snapped together so finely.

    can i ask why the Chiavari chair? is it because of fineness itself? (your poems are always flushed with fineness.)


  2. There's a perfect combination of finery (as erin notes) and nakedness here, and how they can harmonize so beautifully. Elegant.

  3. erin, yes, unintentional. I had some issues with formatting this one and I see that the line break with the & is compressed as I did not intend.
    This germinated from a couple of images. I was gathering lots of pictures from magazines for collage projects and one was of a brightly flowered silk scarf draped over a Chiavari chair with a pair of flats underneath it. I found that image so feminine and appealing. I didn't know the name, Chiavari, until I was talking to one of our sales people (we do lots of weddings where I work) and she said something about the bride wanting Chiavari chairs, of course. They are very popular for wedding receptions, so, I felt it fit here in this afterglow reverie

    I have a horrible time with titles, but as I was out for coffee I was perusing the Sunday Magazine in the NYT and came across a little pictorial on the thousands of years old (!) bristlecone pines. I just liked the phrase and concept. And they do look quite bare.

    Thanks for reading.

  4. This confection could be resting at the bottom of a happy aquarium, a jeweled tropical fish dozing after love. So fine.- Brendan

  5. Two beautiful images ... you bring out so much in the picture I'd have never seen! Thank you.