Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Distaff Side

You come on
aflame and rolling
through a room,
from slack-hips
to paint-blistering fingertips.
A flickering St. Christopher
blazes high above
your breasts.
My lip catches the crest
and drags across,
running the length
of your shoulder,
unsealing that envelope,
pulling smolder~~
An ash-borne crumbling acrobat,
glancing off
fawn-brushed thighs,
threading silk slung
pink crinkle crinoline loops.
Speckled marble balustrades melt
under the weight of sighs.
Waxwings beat aflutter
and down-dive.
Flywheels shudder
off singing sinews’
sympathetic cries.
Satellites luminous
and expire,
Shunted down dusk alleys
of defunct desire.


  1. ! how you show me meter and rhyme! how you show me the importance of patience. (and yet i have none.) so good to read aloud.

    and such a fizzle at the end with defunct desire.


  2. "You come on..." the start of something big here.
    Imagery of hot fire and spent ash, rising and falling, light and dark.
    The last line is most telling.