Saturday, June 25, 2011

Art Fair

 Buckingham Fountain
(Chicago, Illinois)
Watercolor by JoAnne Hauser Warren 

I went to an Art Fair today and I was immediately taken with the above print of a watercolor, which first caught my eye in a pack of 4x6 note cards.  The artist had larger prints, but the paper had not been kind to the printing process and the detail of the yellow cascade of water was lost.  So, I bought the pack of note cards and scanned this one. 
I felt it had the feel of a vintage travel poster and also reminded me of this painting by Mr. Whistler:
 Nocturne in Black and Gold
The Falling Rocket
James Abbott McNeill Whistler  
American painter  
c. 1872-77
I'm sharing another purchase, which, once again, was only available in note card size.
This is the confluence of the Yahara River and Lake Monona in Madison, Wisconsin.
I love the mirroring and the sepia tone and the wide open fogged-in space in the center where the shore just evaporates.
Yahara Monona
Sepia Photograph
Don Mendenhall


  1. The Nocturne image is beautiful. The sepia photo of the river and lake meeting is soulful and gorgeous. I've been drawn to images like this so much lately. This feels quite Asian in its sensitivity and quietness, and when I saw the title, I first that it was Japanese. I now realize Monona is a name I've heard from Wisconsin, but I have not heard Yahara before and I wonder about its origin.

    I hope you are doing well.

  2. Thank you, Ruth.
    Yahara does sound Japanese, but it seems that it is a very modified version of the Winnebago word for Catfish.
    It is one of my very favorite places in Madison. Confluences seem to have a certain wonder to them.