Wednesday, March 16, 2011

More from the Museum--Van Gogh and Hans Hofmann

Bedroom in Arles
Vincent van Gogh
Van Gogh Museum, Amesterdam
August Light
Hans Hofmann
Chazen Museum, Madison WI


My Sunday afternoon trip to the Chazen Museum (which I still want to call the Elvehjem), brought me not only face to face with Mr. Rothko, but also, an old favorite, in Hans Hofmann.  Upon first glance this day, I couldn't help but see Van Gogh's "Bedroom in Arles" slightly re-imagined.  The depth of the Hofmann is amazing and, thankfully, there is a bench across from it which allows longer contemplation.  I felt I was looking into an ever-expanding world which would magically reveal whatever I dreamt up.  I saw a muddy green vase with yellow dendrobium orchids arching out of it.  I saw blue composition books piled next to the bed.  I saw a brown cat crouching on the covers, etc., etc.


  1. Jannette ~

    I love the Hofmann painting and I am so glad you shared some of your interpretations! You have made me view this painting through a completely new set of eyes! I now see blue steps leading to a dark blue door, people in robes forming a circle and whispering to each other, a tiny Santa Clause (as weird as this may sound, but I can clearly see his hat and beard) next to a blond woman... This painting is truly magical!

  2. Wonderful! (Clapping my hands)
    Glad that you enjoyed this and interesting to attempt to see other worlds here.