Tuesday, November 25, 2008

please say yes

tobacco and toffee
inch in kisses, softly
across my dappled maple floor.

sweet cherry syrup drips
luridly from your dear, parted lips,
slipped through salty laces.

chloroformed by your charming sleeve
I drop flat, pressed into a folded seam
that flaps in places, still fluttering.

to your flint rock I’m pinned,
drinking in formaldehyde again,
longing to fix

this moment, this precious
delirium, elusive, senseless,
in perpetuity.

somewhere, on a coast, perhaps, we breathe,
grey-green pebbles washed over and over that shush and seethe,
shining desire that rushes in and out in waves,
in tumbles,
drawn thrilling
trilling endlessly.


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